During the After-School program, children spend many afternoons outside.

During the After-School program, children spend many afternoons outside.

before school 7:30-8:20 am

Parents are welcome to register their children for our Before School program. It is a time that allows students to get ready for the day in whatever way works best for them. Some children engage in low key activities, such as reading, puzzle work, or quiet play with a friend. Others are drawn to active physical play like shooting hoops, tag, and other gym activities.  At 8:15 students line up and are accompanied to their classrooms where they are greeted by the teacher and can begin their work.

after school 3:10-5:45 pm

After School begins with a healthy snack followed by play and activity. We spend much of our time in outdoor play. Winter means sledding and building snow forts, while warmer weather means playing capture the flag, kick the can, and swinging. On indoor days, students play in the gym, read, or do arts and crafts. After School is a great time for free play and socializing.


Our After School program is geared toward the lower and upper elementary students for regular use or drop in care. Parents may also register their younger children (ages 3 - 6) for care at The Casa Day Care House, committing to a regular schedule.

The Casa is also open during the summer and some school-year breaks.