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Our team of specialists lead important classes that delve further into the Arts & Sciences. For elementary students, these classes enhance standard academics with hands-on learning in chemistry, physics, and study of the natural world. For all children (primary and elementary) art, music, dance, sports and play supplement work and activities in the classroom. Each specialist visits our school 1-2 times per week.


MEGAN HIGLE has been teaching music since 1999. She is an active vocal coach and piano teacher, has worked with numerous choirs and musical productions and is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the Lansing Children's Choir. Music classes with Megan include voice technique, playing instruments, rhythm, movement and dance as well as music from other cultures. Megan earned a Bachelor of Music: Vocal Performance summa cum laude from Marygrove College and a Master of Music: Choral Conducting from Oakland University. 


JAIME DeMOTT works with our upper elementary 5th and 6th year children in band instruction twice a week. Instrumentation varies from year to year with many instruments represented including trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, and horn. Jaime, contracted to us through the MSU Community Music School, holds a bachelor’s degree in music education and a master’s degree in youth development, both from Michigan State University. 

Nature Study

JIM McGRATH of Nature Discovery (located in Williamston, MI) has been the Nature Specialist at Montessori Children’s House since 1990. Each week, Jim arrives with interesting stories (often with live creatures) to speak with extended day and lower elementary children. Jim got his B.S. degree in Wildlife Biology from MSU, but claims that most of his study is self-taught. Jim’s love of the natural world goes back to the days of his childhood and he enjoys sharing this passion with our children. Jim’s enthusiasm is contagious. He builds on the children’s natural curiosity and love for the outdoor world.



CAROL McGRATH works with the upper elementary students teaching chemistry, physical science, and biology. Students are engaged in hands-on lab experiments and activities such as launching rockets, taking measurements, performing chemical reactions, predicting outcomes, balancing equations, designing and building a working simple machine, frog dissection and more. Carol encourages students to use the scientific method to observe the world around them by making hypotheses and performing experiments to gather data. She has a B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Illinois, Chicago. After working several years as a chemist in the private sector she turned to science education.


ANNE BROWN and MARIE CRUTCHER (both assistants in our elementary classrooms) are co-teaching our computer classes this year. They work with the students on a variety of projects including learning MS Office, keyboarding, internet safety and research, programming, and dissecting the components of the computer. Technology students are also digitally assembling the 2016-17 Yearbook. The children meet with either Marie or Anne once a week for a small group class period of 30-45 minutes. 

Physical Education

KIM McKEON helps children find joy in movement and exercise. She has been working at MCH in various capacities since 2005. She has been a softball coach at Bowling Green State University and an assistant softball coach at MSU. In addition, Kim has directed numerous youth sport camps and clinics and spent time as a personal trainer. She has her B.S. in Physical Education and her M.A. in Education in Athletic Administration.


PAT TAYLOR has been teaching young children since 1971. She was a primary classroom director at MCH for over 30 years and now volunteers her time teaching art to the elementary students. The classes in art include learning about different styles of art, established artists, and various cultures. She also offers her time to make Sandtray Worldplay available across all levels. Pat primarily focuses on language development and storytelling with Sandtray as it helps children develop their creativity through exploring and expressing their inner worlds without interpretation or judgment.