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Thoughts from parents of alumni

There was consistent growth and constant development of skills important for success. Trent’s ability to connect with people and enjoy their presence are impressive. His concern and love for people and nature are based on his MCH experiences. We are grateful parents, indeed.
— Vicky & Gray
Life altering.
— Leonard
Not only did my three children learn compulsory academics at Montessori Children’s House, they also learned life skills. MCH and the Montessori curriculum focus on the whole child, including coaching children in teamwork and social interactions. Your child will become a responsible, independent learner. But more importantly, your MCH graduate will be on their way to being a creative contributor to society who takes responsibility for their actions; they will gain the emotional intelligence to navigate social situations both at home and at work. Those are the critical skills they will need to be successful in the future.
— Madhu
We continue to be grateful for the life long lessons learned and fortunate to have learned them early in life.
— Raj
It was a blessed, nurturing, supportive, loving environment academically, personally, socially, and developmentally. Their support of our children’s gifts, faith, and growth is eternally a blessing we are thankful for.
— Rob & Priscilla
We have two wonderful, confident, independent, friendly and high academic achieving, life and people loving children. We never dreamed of having a child graduate from an Ivy League school and another attending the Ivy League of the Midwest. I attribute a great deal of this to the awesome foundation developed in their early years at Montessori Children’s House.
— Lonnie
It was the best experience.
— Zita & Dan
We believe that our boys learned to love learning and to be true to themselves.
— Eileen & Meg