2018 Annual Fund Letter

November 12

Dear Parents, Alumni, Family, and Friends,

We have an incredible opportunity to share with you this year! A private donor has offered to match your donation to our annual fund, up to $10,000! The donor prefers to remain anonymous, but with his permission we wanted to pass along the words he shared with us:

“Though my own children never attended Montessori Children’s House, two of my grandchildren are counted among the ranks of your alumni. They have both successfully completed high school and are now well into their college experience. When the children were young, I had the opportunity to visit your school and observe the methods you use every day with your students. I have witnessed the very positive results in my grandchildren as they have grown.

My own parents were both teachers and I have a great appreciation for the educational foundation provided by M.C.H. So much so, that in order to support the programs you provide, I would like to offer to match the donations you receive from your annual letter this year, up to a total of $10,000. Thus, the effects of the individual contributions can be doubled, greatly increasing your ability to continue to serve the children.”

We are so touched by this generous proposal. We’ve asked our donor’s grandchildren to speak about their experience with us. Here is what they had to say:

“As a student at Montessori Children’s House of Lansing, I developed a love of learning. This is one of the most valuable gifts I have ever received. Education can provide opportunities to pursue what you love, achieve financial stability, support a family, and seek a fulfilling life. Montessori prepared me to find the best educational opportunities throughout the rest of my life. While at M.C.H. I learned more about myself, how to interact with others, and how to be a good citizen of the world. I believe these are opportunities that every child should have.”


“In my time at Montessori Children’s House I had many challenges, both academically and socially. When I finally entered public school, I recognized that my time at M.C.H. had given me a strong foundation and I was prepared to take hold of my own education. It allowed me to take my life in the direction I wanted to go to be successful. The staff at Montessori Children’s House has a history of helping students become independent learners, allowing them to ask questions and be curious about the world. We learned respect for others, ourselves, and the environment. We learned how to search out and discover what we are passionate about. My Montessori experience gave me the tools to change my life forever.”

The Montessori Children’s House community values the connections of generations. What a pleasure it has been to be alongside so many of you as your own family has grown. We thank you for sharing these fleeting moments of your child’s formative years and for allowing us to help your child build the groundwork of his or her education. As you can see from the writings of these alumni, these early foundations set the stage for future successes in life.

As a nonprofit school, a portion of our budget relies on our ability to fundraise and to bring in donations and sponsorships to support our programming. We ask that you take a moment to reflect on the time your family spent with us and make a donation today that will allow us to continue providing these opportunities for many families to come. With this year’s matching fund offer, your contribution can be doubled!

We hope you are well and that your family is able to share time together this holiday season making many happy memories.

Our very best wishes to your and yours,

The Montessori Children’s House Staff

P.S. Make your donation today to take advantage of our matching fun offer up to $10,000!