Morning Children (3-4 yrs.): 8:20-11:30 M-F
Extended Day (5-6 yrs.): 8:20-3:10 M-Th, 8:20-11:30 F
Adult to child ratio 1:10

“I can do it myself” is the Class mantra 

One child may spend the morning writing a story with the movable alphabet while another may be painting, scissor cutting, or table washing. Simple ground rules such as returning work to the shelf ready for the next person, using indoor voices, and walking around work mats create a predictable environment where everyone feels safe and respected.

  • Environment is ordered, fostering confidence and coordination
  • Many activities prepare the hand for writing
  • Children work in areas of Math, Language, Culture (including art, geography, science, music), Practical Life, and Sensorial (tactile)
  • Circle time for stories, songs, and group sharing
  • Hands on nature study, arts & music with our specialists

imagine a new member of our school

Before the first day, new students meet in small groups with teachers and are introduced to a few materials.  When they come in for their first day they have an idea of how to get started. 

The benefit of the 3 year classroom cycle comes into focus when older children return from summer break and join the younger ones. Older children immediately become mentors. Younger children are inspired by their older friends' knowledge and think, "I want to be able to do that!"

As time goes on, children work toward mastering concepts by working with materials in different areas of the room (see slideshow above). Teachers introduce new materials (new work) along the way. There's no end to learning. Concepts build upon each other so that children can go as deep into math, science, art, geography, or language as they want. 

All along the way children are gathering tools and honing the skills they need to sail off into learning.